About Invicta Security

Team of entrepreneurs looking to revolutionize domestic security landscape in India. Invicta Security provide business and home owner a viable security option. Our systems are designed form the ground up for Indian condition. We make use of the latest technologies in detection, law enforcement and communication.

Invicta Security specializes in installment and distribution of CCTV cameras and burglar alarm system. Our core focus at Invicta Security is on high quality products, unbeatable service and reasonable prices. Our products include burglar alarm system, CCTV camera, DVR system, motion bulb, smoke and gas detection system, etc.

How We Work?

4. Installation

Our trained team of electricians will do installation and technician will explain all features to you.

5. After Sale Service

Installation is just the start of our long business relationship. You will receive follow up free service call in two weeks.