Wireless Alarm Systems

Alarm systems have two basic components :

SENSORS : Small electronic devise placed around home or business, which detect signs of trouble. Deferent sensors look out for different things and trigger an alert if it happens. For example, door sensors triggers if a door is opened and motion sensor triggers if a motion is detected in room. When sensor is triggered, it sends distress signal to Control Panel.

CONTROL PANEL : Control Panel is the heart of alarm system. Control Panel manages all sensors activities as well as it is connected to siren and equipped with GSM technology. When Control Panels receives distress signal from any of the sensors, it triggers loud siren and makes six phone calls using its GSM technology to notify owner about intrusion.

Our security systems are totally wireless, easy to set-up, very easy to use, and maintenance free. Make electronic security system your safe guard, while you are away or home, to protect your family and valuables