CCTV Dealer Direct Program

Why Get into CCTV Business Now?

1. Fast Growing Market

Indian security market is estimated over 70,000 cores. Indian CCTV market enjoyed a healthy growth rate of 23% last year. Another 25% growth is estimated in year 2014-2015 by chamber of commerce.

2. High Profitability

The security industry is one of the most segmented industry with more than 50% of business taken by small dealers. Therefore, Security industry provides more opportunities for small dealers to be highly profitable

3. Every Industry Needs CCTV

CCTV camera industry is going to emerge as a huge market in the next few years in the wake of growing demand from the following sectors: Government, Hospitality Industry, Banks, Schools and Colleges, Commercial, Retail, Transportation, Factories etc.

Why Become Invicta Certified Dealer?

1. High Resolution Camera and DVR:

A high-quality, high-performance, limited distribution product line that enables you to stand out from the competition. Wolfdog’s CCTV cameras resolution ranges from 650TVL to 1000TVL with all cameras equipped with night vision.

2. Competitive Price:

Competitive pricing, aggressive dealer discounts, and strictly enforced MSRP policies to protect your margin opportunities. Incentive levels increase as you grow your business.

3. Authorized Partner Benefits:

Technical support specialists, account managers, system engineers and field resources to provide pre-and post-sale support, training and job specification... all dedicated to helping you close more business.

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